Our experience on set shows us how important swift look-changes are. Most of the time this is only possible through using wigs or extensions. Often, our hair does not provide the right basic requirements needed for elaborate hairstyles and permanent changes are either not allowed or not desired.

In our daily life at the salon, we get confronted with personal ideas or notions of the impossible.
Our goal: to satisfy you as a customer.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to get wigs that correspond exactly to the ideas in quality, cut, colour and styling. We made this our challenge and found the solution by producing our own, high-quality real hair extensions and wigs.

Due to our daily work as colourists and hairstylists during shows, shootings and in the salon, we have gained a lot of experience in this specific area.

We would like to share these skills with you. Together we will find an individual solution for your
requests or even problems with your own hair and implement them for you.

Through our expertise as hairdressers, we are able to produce high quality and personalized premium real hair wigs for you.
Do you already know the look you want?
If so, please send us an email with example pictures or simply book a consultation appointment and we can discuss your needs and wishes in depth. We are more than happy to give you advice on finding the perfect style for you.
We dye, cut and style exactly the way you wish.
All our premium wigs are front or full lace wigs or models with prefabricated parting plus a ponytail and are made of 100% real hair.

reza hair wigs price info

All our wigs are high-quality custom-made products.
The prices are individually based on the model, length, hair and effort and are usually between 450€ to 1200€ mark.

Your real hair wig will be freshly dyed and styled on a doll’s head sent to you.
In case you need a colour or shape update we recommend our refresh service.
For a service fee, we will maintain the colour and style of your wig and get it back in shape.
This also applies to real hair wig models, which were not purchased through us.

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